Flexion Secures Deal with Prominent Chinese Developer iQIYI

Flexion and Special Gamez Partner to Publish Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars on Alternative App Stores

Flexion, a games marketing company, has partnered with Special Gamez, the mobile gaming publishing division of iQIYI, to publish the popular game Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars on various alternative app stores. This agreement will allow Flexion to distribute the game on platforms such as Amazon Appstore, Aptoide, ONE store, Samsung Galaxy Store, DT Hub, Huawei’s AppGallery, and Xiaomi GetApps in Q4 2023.

Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars has already earned over $2M in net revenue on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. With this partnership, Flexion aims to increase revenue and attract new players from the alternative app stores through monetization strategies, platform relations, and user acquisition. For Special Gamez, this collaboration presents an opportunity to boost brand recognition and reach new users beyond their existing distribution channels.

According to Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion, alternative app stores have proven to be beneficial for developers in terms of revenue growth and audience expansion. By taking games to these platforms, Flexion has consistently increased Google Play revenue by an average of 10%. With a team of over 100 experts, Flexion offers unique expertise in maximizing results on alternative app stores that no other company can provide.

Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars is a simulation game that challenges players to join forces with people from around the world in battles against other wolf packs. In this game, players must survive, explore, hunt, challenge, and seek revenge to become the alpha of their packs and dominate the wild. The game is set to be available for download on multiple alternative app stores.

Tom Lee, CEO of Special Gamez, highlights the importance of alternative app stores in their marketing strategy to increase revenue and reach wider audiences for Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars. These platforms offer enhanced accessibility for users, allowing them to easily download and enjoy the game through a broader array of app stores. Lee expresses excitement about working with the Flexion team to maximize their results on alternative platforms.

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