First LPL team, Invictus Gaming, reach 10,000 kills

Invictus Gaming Becomes First LPL Team to Reach 10,000 Kills

Invictus Gaming, the dominant Chinese esports team and former League of Legends world champions, have achieved a remarkable milestone. They are now the first LPL team to reach 10,000 kills in the LPL, following their 2-0 victory against Suning today.

The LPL is known for its aggressive and action-packed playstyle, which has given players like Rookie and TheShy a significant advantage. Unlike other regions that adopt a slower-paced approach, LPL teams accumulate kills at a much faster rate.


IG has been a powerhouse in the LPL since the beginning. While they experienced frequent roster changes in the early years, the team has since stabilized after their 2018 World Championship victory in League of Legends.

This season, IG finished the Spring Split regular split in first place but faced a disappointing defeat to FunPlus Phoenix in the playoffs. Throughout the split, IG experimented with different junglers but ultimately settled on former world champion Ning for the Summer Split. While Leyan showed promise initially, Ning proved to be more impactful in their games.

While IG holds the distinction of being the first LPL team to achieve 10,000 kills, it’s important to note that they have had a head start of a few seasons. It may take several years for other teams in the league to catch up and reach this impressive record.

Congratulations to Invictus Gaming for this remarkable achievement in the LPL!

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