FinXP and Mastercard Team Up to Introduce Global Payment Solutions

FinXP Collaborates with Mastercard to Launch FinXP PLUS Cross-Border Payment Solution

FinXP, a European payments and banking solutions provider, has announced its strategic collaboration with Mastercard to introduce a new cross-border payment solution called FinXP PLUS. By utilizing Mastercard’s Cross-Border Services, FinXP aims to provide its global customer base with enhanced access to a wide range of payment options.

The Features and Benefits of FinXP PLUS

FinXP PLUS is designed to modernize corporate cross-border payments by offering a secure platform for transactions to over 100 countries, supporting various currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, TRY, PLN, SEK, DKK, NOK, PHP, COP, and more. This innovative service stands out with its ability to facilitate multi-channel transfers, allowing merchants to make payouts to bank accounts, cards, e-wallets, and cash-out locations. This versatility ensures flexibility and caters to different payment preferences worldwide.

The integration of FinXP PLUS with FinXP’s Euro IBAN service called IBAN4U provides users with a comprehensive account solution. This solution allows users to receive payments, make payouts, and utilize their funds through a physical debit card.

Expansion of Access to Mastercard’s Network

Through the collaboration with Mastercard, FinXP aims to extend access to Mastercard’s network to its diverse clientele. This includes e-commerce enterprises, professional services firms, and reputable merchants in specialized sectors such as blockchain, fintech, iGaming, and nutraceuticals.

Jens Podewski, co-founder and CEO of FinXP, emphasizes their commitment to offering merchants a seamless payment experience. He expresses excitement about the launch of the new service, highlighting its extensive payout capabilities in a single solution. Podewski also acknowledges the importance of partnering with a payments leader like Mastercard.

Client Testimonials

Chris Denny, COO at FinXP, recognizes the value proposition that the new service presents, not only to their current clients but also to new markets they are entering, such as international remittance, travel, and marketplaces.

Dr. Peter Robejsek, country manager at Mastercard, highlights the significance of fast, reliable access to funds at a reasonable cost, especially in the current climate. He believes that the partnership with FinXP will provide customers with a safe, simple, and reliable cross-border payments experience across various channels.

Mastercard’s suite of remittance-related products enables payments using their global network to be delivered to bank accounts, digital and mobile wallets, cards, and cash, covering more than 180 countries and 150 currencies. These services offer senders access to over 90% of the world’s banked population and near real-time transactions in over 50 markets.


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