FinteqHub Confirmed as Participating in SiGMA Europe 2023 Event

FinteqHub to Participate in SiGMA Europe 2023

FinteqHub, a trusted payment gateway solution provider, will showcase its recent updates at SiGMA Europe 2023. The event, taking place on 14-16 November in Malta, is a great opportunity for FinteqHub to connect with iGaming professionals.

FinteqHub: A Secure and All-In-One Payment Solution

FinteqHub is a secure platform that integrates with various payment systems. It offers businesses the ability to manage financial transactions, establish processing rules, and analyze cash flow. What sets FinteqHub apart is its connection to globally recognized payment methods, ensuring a smooth payment experience for businesses and their global clientele.

New Collaborations and Enhanced Features

FinteqHub has recently collaborated with payment solutions providers like Monetix, Noda, and Viva Wallet. These partnerships strategically target different geographic regions, expanding the reach and effectiveness of FinteqHub. The product team has also introduced user-friendly back-office features to enhance client service capabilities.

Security and Flexibility

FinteqHub prioritizes security and protection against fraudulent schemes. The platform meticulously monitors transactions and provides flexible customer management options, improving the efficiency of the solution.

Celebrating Innovation at SiGMA Europe 2023

Vadim Drozd, CEO at FinteqHub, expresses excitement about showcasing their payment solution at SiGMA Europe 2023. With a deep understanding of client requirements and market trends, FinteqHub aims to make significant contributions to the industry. Attendees can visit FinteqHub’s stand, in partnership with SOFTSWISS, to learn more about their groundbreaking payment solution.

About FinteqHub

FinteqHub is a PCI DSS-certified payment gateway that provides online businesses access to various payment systems through a single platform. The application allows businesses to manage financial transactions, set up processing rules, and analyze financial flows. With a team of 115+ professionals, FinteqHub combines legal, financial, and technical expertise.

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