Finalists for DreamLeague Season 10: The Top 4 Teams Confirmed

The Second Day of DreamLeague Season 10 Playoffs Sees More Eliminations

The second day of playoff bracket action at DreamLeague Season 10 has concluded, bringing more eliminations as the tournament moves into the final four teams.

Infamous vs. compLexity Gaming

Infamous and compLexity Gaming faced off in the first series of the day, both teams fighting to avoid elimination and advance to the third round of the lower bracket.

CompLexity Gaming dominated game one, showing their competitive spirit by accumulating 48 kills. The match lasted 41 minutes but was only competitive in the beginning before compLexity took control.

Despite their early dominance, compLexity couldn’t recover from late-game mistakes, and Infamous took advantage of their openings to secure a comeback victory in game two. The series went to a decisive third game, which was closely contested for 52 minutes before Infamous triumphed, advancing to the third round of the lower bracket while compLexity was eliminated.

Natus Vincere vs. Vega Squadron

The other series of the day saw Natus Vincere facing off against Vega Squadron. Natus Vincere proved to be the stronger team right from the start.

Vega Squadron initially showed promise, dominating early confrontations and executing their strategy well. However, Natus Vincere countered and pushed Vega Squadron into a corner, winning game one convincingly.

In game two, Vega Squadron kept the match competitive, but Natus Vincere took control halfway through and secured a decisive victory. With a 2-0 series win, Natus Vincere advanced to the top four teams of DreamLeague Season 10, while Vega Squadron bid farewell to the tournament.

Now, Natus Vincere and Infamous will be preparing for the next round of the tournament, while compLexity Gaming and Vega Squadron exit the competition.

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