Final Grades for Every Team at The International 7

It has been three days since The International 7 ended, and if you’re like us, you’re still feeling a bit down. Before the tournament, we gave grades to each of the 18 teams based on various factors. Now, we’re going to reevaluate those grades based on how well the teams actually performed.

North & South America:

Evil Geniuses:
Evil Geniuses, an invited team from North America, had high expectations going into the tournament. However, they fell short and didn’t win a single game on the main stage. We initially gave them an A, but they’ll now receive a C grade.

Cloud 9:
Cloud 9, also from North America, didn’t perform as expected and were eliminated after just one game. Their grade drops from a B to a D.

Digital Chaos:
Digital Chaos did about as well as expected, making it to the top 12. Their grade of C remains unchanged.

As the only South American team in the tournament, Infamous had low expectations and fulfilled them. Their initial grade of D remains the same.

Southeast Asia:

Fnatic had a rough tournament, struggling from the start and failing to communicate effectively. Their grade drops from a B- to an F.

TNC Pro Team:
TNC Pro Team had a strong showing in the group stage but fell short in the playoffs. Their grade drops from a B to a C+.

Execration had a disappointing performance in the tournament, resulting in a grade drop from C- to D.


iG Vitality:
iG Vitality didn’t perform as well as expected and were eliminated early. Their grade drops from a C+ to a D.

Invictus Gaming:
Invictus Gaming had a decent run, making it to the top six. Their grade improves from C+ to B-.

LGD Gaming:
LGD Gaming exceeded expectations with a fourth-place finish. Their grade goes from B- to B+ or possibly even A-.

LGD Forever Young:
LGD Forever Young had a fantastic tournament, finishing in third place. Their grade improves from C+ to A.

Newbee, the grand finalists, had an impressive performance throughout the tournament. Their grade improves from A to A+.

Europe & CIS:

HellRaisers didn’t perform well in the tournament and receive a grade of D-.

Team Secret:
Team Secret had an inconsistent year, and their performance at TI7 was disappointing. Their grade drops from B- to C.

Team Empire:
Team Empire had a surprisingly strong performance, finishing in the top eight. Their grade improves from D to C+.

OG had a rough few months leading up to TI7 and were eliminated by LGD. Their grade drops from A- to C+ or B-.

Virtus Pro:
Virtus Pro had a solid performance, just falling short of expectations. Their grade drops from A to B+.

Team Liquid:
Team Liquid, the grand champions, had an incredible lower bracket run. Their grade improves from A- to A+.

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