Fantasy Clash: Rekkles vs. Hans Sama

Comparing Rekkles and Hans Sama: Europe’s Top AD Carries

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The offseason is here for League of Legends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the next season and fantasy League. In this player showdown, we compare two of Europe’s top AD Carries: Rekkles and Hans Sama. Rekkles is a legendary player known for his low-death carry playstyle, while Hans Sama represents the next generation of stars in Europe.

Who is Rekkles?

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Rekkles, 21 years old, has led Fnatic to three EU LCS titles and is one of the most successful players in LCS history. He is known for his low-death playstyle and has tied records for most kills and least deaths in an LCS season. Rekkles is a dominant force in fantasy League and a must-have player in your lineup.

Introducing Hans Sama

Hans Sama, 18, is an up-and-coming player who helped Misfits reach the LCS finals last year. Despite his young age, he has shown consistency and potential to become a star like Rekkles. While he may not have the same numbers as Rekkles, Hans Sama is a formidable player who can contribute to your fantasy lineup.

Comparing Fantasy Numbers

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Rekkles has been the top AD Carry in LCS history, averaging 30.36 Skrill Points per Game (SKPPG) since 2016. No other AD Carry comes close to his numbers. Hans Sama, on the other hand, has averaged 27.94 SKPPG since entering the league in 2017. While he may not have the same record-breaking numbers as Rekkles, Hans Sama has shown consistency throughout his career.

Although Rekkles has the advantage of playing on dominant teams, which leads to bigger numbers, Hans Sama has proven himself on a Misfits team that hasn’t always had the same success. Even with the difference in team performance, Hans Sama remains a strong choice for your fantasy lineup.

The Verdict

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Rekkles is the clear winner when it comes to fantasy scoring. His exceptional numbers over the past seasons make him a valuable asset in your daily fantasy lineup. However, don’t overlook Hans Sama. Despite playing for a team with inconsistent performance, he has never had a poor season and has the potential to grow into an even more impactful player. Consider adding Hans Sama to your lineup!

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