Faker’s Comeback Boosts T1’s Starting Lineup in Crucial Playoff Victory

T1 Dominates Gen.G with Faker’s Return to the Roster

T1 secured a dominant 2-0 victory over Gen.G in their sole match this week, with Faker making his return to the starting roster. This was Faker’s first competitive series since February 19, where T1 lost to DRX.

T1’s 10th Iteration of the Split

T1’s roster for today’s match was their 10th iteration in the League of Legends split. They brought back the players who won the 2020 LCK Spring Split, with one small change. Effort, who used to control the map and make game-changing plays, has been replaced by Keria. Keria showcased his support carry abilities in the first game with a Senna funnel tactic.

Standout Performances from Canna and Teddy

The MVP votes for the match went to Canna and Teddy. Canna, playing as the top laner, had an exceptional performance on Gragas with an AP-oriented build featuring Everfrost as the Mythic item. He topped the damage charts and went deathless in the first game, forcing Gen.G to ban Gragas in the second game. Teddy received the second MVP vote for his phenomenal Kai’Sa performance, ending the game with a KDA of 13/0/3.

T1’s Strong Victories Over Gen.G

In the first game, Gen.G had a decent early game but were outplayed by T1 in all lanes. Canna’s impressive outplays on Gragas in the top lane set his opponent back. Faker’s Seraphine proved to be a catalyst for Canna’s success, providing crowd control and shields during early skirmishes. Gragas’s barrels in teamfights disrupted Gen.G’s composure, leading to T1’s victory.

In the second game, the compositions were similar to the first one. Gen.G attempted early game plays, but T1 exposed their weaknesses early on. Teddy’s Kai’Sa dominated the opposition, resulting in a clean sweep over the second seed of LCK. Once again, Faker’s Seraphine played a crucial role in supporting Teddy during teamfights.

Looking Ahead to the Playoffs

As the 2021 LCK Spring Split comes to a close, T1 needs to determine which roster to use for the upcoming playoffs if they qualify. The roster used in today’s match showed a lot of synergy and success against the second seed. While it’s unclear if T1 will continue using this roster, it would be a positive start for their playoff run.

With this victory, T1 (8-7) currently sits in fifth place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split standings. To secure a playoff spot, they must avoid dropping any games in the upcoming weeks to prevent other teams from catching up.

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