FACEIT prohibits Wildwing Ripper’s Tornado ability in TI8 open qualifiers.

The International 8 Open Qualifiers Hit with Tornado Bug

The International 8 open qualifiers have encountered a major issue right from the start. Organized by FACEIT, the tournament administrators have discovered a game-breaking bug involving the Wildwing Ripper neutral creep in Dota 2. The bug specifically affects the Wildwing Ripper’s Tornado ability, which allows the owner of the unit to control a slow-moving whirlwind. Heroes like Chen or Enchantress can take control of the Wildwing Ripper and use this ability.

The Bug and its Impact

Normally, the tornado’s hitbox does not interfere with movement commands for players on the opposing side. However, due to this bug, the tornado’s hitbox has inexplicably expanded to the point where it disrupts movement commands for players on the same side. As a result, heroes are unable to move as intended and end up walking in random directions based on the tornado’s location. This can put them in vulnerable positions, potentially leading to encounters with enemies.

The Glitch Goes Viral

The bug caught teams by surprise, despite a possible workaround: shifting the player’s field of view away from the tornado and issuing a move command elsewhere on the map. A video demonstrating the glitch was captured by FACEIT admin “Omicron” and shared by Redditors on the Dota 2 subreddit.

FACEIT Takes Action

In response, FACEIT has taken measures to address the bug. They have temporarily banned the use of the Tornado ability in the open qualifiers until Valve implements a hotfix. Teams found exploiting the glitch will face immediate disqualification and will be banned from future qualifier tournaments organized by FACEIT.

As of now, Valve has not released an update for the Dota 2 client to fix the issue.

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