Excel shakes up LEC standings by defeating Rogue

The Final Weekend of LEC Playoffs: Excel Upsets Rogue

The LEC playoffs are in full swing, and European fans of League of Legends are getting a surprise after surprise. Excel, the underdog, has been causing upsets left and right, starting with their victory over G2 Esports. And now, they have added another upset to their list by defeating Rogue, keeping their playoff dreams alive.

Excel’s game against Rogue was a masterclass in strategy. Their rotations to objectives were flawless, preventing Rogue from securing dragons and Baron Nashor. Patrik, playing as Xayah, dominated the bot lane from the start and earned himself the Player of the Game award. The entire Excel roster outperformed Rogue in all areas of the map, proving that they have improved significantly since the earlier stages of the league.

This victory holds great significance for Excel’s playoffs hopes. According to a program created by Twitter user @chhopsky, Excel now has a 43.75% chance of making it to the playoffs, either in fifth or sixth place. This would be their first appearance in the LEC playoffs. However, they still need to win their upcoming game against Schalke 04 and rely on Fnatic defeating Misfits. It’s a tough road, but Excel’s dream of reaching the playoffs is very much alive.

Next, Excel will go head-to-head against Schalke 04 on March 14.

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