Evil Geniuses Welcomes GranDGranT as Their First Official Non-Professional Dota Streamer

Evil Geniuses Signs GranDGranT as Official Dota 2 Streamer

Evil Geniuses, one of the oldest and most prestigious esports organizations, has signed Grant “GranDGranT” Harris as their first official Dota 2 streamer who isn’t a professional player. Known for his casting and panelist work, GranDGranT has gained recognition among North American Dota 2 fans.

Building a Strong Portfolio

GranDGranT has already made a name for himself by attending multiple iterations of The Summit as a panelist and caster. He was also a key figure on the analyst desk at the Manila Masters in May 2017.

Aside from his professional work, GranDGranT has a popular personal stream on Twitch, which attracts 10,000 to 15,000 viewers. His content primarily focuses on public matchmaking and commentating on the FACEIT Pro League.

Joining the EG Family

In EG’s official announcement, GranDGranT expressed his excitement about joining Evil Geniuses, calling it an honor to work with such a prestigious organization. EG’s COO Phillip Aram also expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, welcoming GranDGranT as the voice of North American Dota 2.

This signing marks a significant step in GranDGranT’s career, and with the upcoming Pro Circuit, his resume is expected to grow even further. There may even be a chance for him to be a part of The International in the future.

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