Evil Geniuses’ Journey Ends on the Second Day of The International 7 Playoffs

Upsets at The International 7 Playoffs

The second day of playoffs at The International 7 showcased some surprising results, with unexpected wins and standout performances.

Virtus Pro Dominates LGD

In a shocking turn of events, CIS superteam Virtus Pro swept past LGD in two rapid games. Their aggressive playstyle overwhelmed the Chinese favorites, who were unable to respond to Virtus Pro’s early game rotations. This victory secured Virtus Pro a top six finish at the event.

Team Liquid Battles Team Secret

Team Liquid and Team Secret engaged in a grueling three-game series, with each team fighting tooth and nail for victory. Despite being considered underdogs, Secret managed to defeat Liquid in the first game. However, Liquid rallied back to win the second game and ultimately clinched the decisive third game, keeping their dreams alive.

Empire Shocks Evil Geniuses

In a surprising upset, underdogs Team Empire defeated Evil Geniuses in two marathon-length games. Despite playing with a stand-in, Empire showcased exceptional performance, particularly from players Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok and Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi. Their success has become one of the major storylines of The International 7.

These unexpected wins have reshaped the landscape of The International 7, with renowned teams like LGD and Evil Geniuses being eliminated earlier than expected.

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