Evil Geniuses and Vici Secure Top Eight Spot at The Chongqing Major

Upper Bracket Competition Narrows at The Chongqing Major

In the upper bracket of The Chongqing Major, only one match remains, while the lower bracket teams battle it out for a chance to catch up.

Vici Gaming vs. Chaos Esports Club

Two fast-paced teams, Vici Gaming and Chaos Esports Club, clashed in an intense series. Despite their aggression, only one game was closely contested.

In game one, Vici dominated the map and quickly cornered Chaos. After a key moment where Chaos lost a few players, Vici emerged victorious in just 26 minutes.

Down 1-0, Chaos had the opportunity to fold, but they fought back with a narrow 21-17 win in the second game, leveling the series at 1-1.

Vici Gaming showcased their dominance in the deciding game, overpowering Chaos with an all-out offensive and securing their spot in the top eight of the event in under 30 minutes.

Evil Geniuses vs. Thunder Predator

Evil Geniuses, known for their aggressive playstyle, faced off against Thunder Predator. Despite a slow start, EG managed to farm resources and secure a win, setting them up for success in the next match.

In the second match, EG continued their momentum, executing their attacks perfectly and keeping Thunder Predator on their heels throughout the laning stage. EG achieved a clean 2-0 sweep, eliminating Thunder Predator from the Major.

Upcoming Matches

On January 25 at 10pm CT, Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses will face off in the fourth round of the tournament.

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