EU LCS: Players to Watch and Avoid – Week 1 (Spring 2015)

EU Week 1 Studs

FNC Huni – Points: 68.41, KDA: 11/0/26, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Lissandra/Rumble

Even with a small sample size in competitive play, Huni’s comfort and skill level alongside Fnatic’s jungler, Reignover, was elite. He proved himself as a strong top laner, especially on Rumble, and is worth picking up if available in your league.

Jungle – SK Svenskeren – Points: 40.27, KDA: 6/6/18, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Jarvan IV (both games)

A proven jungler in previous splits, Svenskeren’s experience and skill make him a worthy starting option for your roster. If he’s available, he’s definitely worth picking up for the rest of the split.

Mid – FNC Febiven – Points: 68.39, KDA: 13/2/23, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Xerath/Zed

Febiven’s impressive performance in Week 1 helped Fnatic secure a 2-0 victory. Although his opponents may not have been top-tier, he has the potential to carry Fnatic to more wins in Week 2.

AD – SK FORG1VENGRE – Points: 44.69, KDA: 8/0/11, 3K/4K/5K: 2/0/0, Champs: Lucian/Graves

Considered the second best ADC in Europe, FORG1VENGRE lived up to expectations with his calculated aggressive play. He has the potential for big plays and is a reliable option for your roster.

Support – FNC YellOwStaR – Points: 57.11, KDA: 4/4/31, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Annie (both games)

As the only remaining member of last year’s roster, YellOwStaR’s veteran status and shot calling helped Fnatic go 2-0 in Week 1. His aggressive playstyle and ability to provide assists make him a valuable support option.

Team – SK Gaming – Points: 38.00, First Blood: 2/2, Dragons: 9, Barons: 2, Turrets: 17, Win: 2/2, Fast Win: 0/2

SK Gaming’s impressive objective control sets them apart from other teams. They work well as a team and are worth starting in the upcoming week.

EU Week 1 Duds

Top Lane – EL Wickd – Points: 12.69, KDA: 4/13/5, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Irelia/Gnar

Elements’ Wickd had a disappointing start to the season with a low score and many deaths. However, he is likely to bounce back in future games.

Jungle – GMB Diamond – Points: 15.06, KDA: 2/9/9, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Lee Sin/Jarvan IV

Diamond needs to improve his synergy with his teammates and may not be a reliable starting jungler for the next week.

Mid – H2K Ryu – Points: 23.47, KDA: 5/8/8, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Kassadin/Lulu

Ryu’s effectiveness in the mid lane has dropped and he may not be worth starting next week against tough opponents.

AD – MYM MrRalleZ – Points: 15.18, KDA: 3/3/3, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Graves/Sivir

With no real presence from the rest of his team, MrRalleZ’s performance suffered. There are better options for consistent points in the ADC role.

Support – H2K Voidle – Points: 14.24, KDA: 0/6/11, 3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0, Champs: Janna/Leona

Voidle’s performance as a support was underwhelming and is unlikely to change in the future.

Team – Gambit Gaming – Points: 10.00, First Blood: 0/2, Dragons: 2, Barons: 1, Turrets: 6, Win: 0/2, Fast Win: 0/2

Gambit Gaming had a poor performance as a team and should not be considered for fantasy until they improve.

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