EternaLEnVy’s Famous Chair from Manila Masters Up for Auction

Team NP’s Carry Player, EnVy, Falls Out of Gaming Chair During Manila Masters Dota 2 Tournament

During the Manila Masters Dota 2 tournament in May, something comical happened to Team NP’s carry player Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao. In their first series against OG, NP lost the first map quite badly. OG had a significant lead with a 22-9 kill score and a 20,000 gold advantage at the end of the 35-minute game. This set the stage for what was about to unfold.

A Funny Moment Caught on Camera

After game one, the camera switched to the players’ PCs in the dugouts. It was at that moment when the camera switched from OG’s room to NP’s room that EnVy fell out of his gaming chair.

A Comical Incident

The casters, David “GoDz” Parker and David “LD” Gorman, couldn’t contain their laughter. They jokingly referred to EnVy’s fall as “Game one in a nutshell.” EnVy has become known for his humorous gaming moments, from his game-losing mistakes to his often-eccentric playstyle.

EnVy’s Chair Auctioned for a Cause

In light of EnVy’s fall, tournament organizer Mineski Events Team (MET) decided to auction off the chair on eBay. EnVy’s signature is affixed to the backrest in gold ink. The auction began at $322, a reference to a matchfixing scandal in 2013, and the current bid stands at $1,400. The proceeds from the auction will benefit Salinlahi Alliance Philippines, a charity organization providing relief to the victims of the siege on Marawi City in the Philippines.

Even though memes are a significant part of the Dota 2 community, turning the laughter into a means of helping others is important. Whether you’re interested in bidding for this piece of Dota 2 meme history or not, you can check out the ongoing auction on eBay.

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