Episode 3 of LPL’s Make/Break explores RNG’s 2021 regular season and MSI journey

Episode 3 of LPL’s Documentary Series “Make/Break” Highlights Royal Never Give Up’s Journey to Victory

The third episode of the LPL’s documentary series “Make/Break” is now available to watch on the LPL’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. The episode focuses on the legendary organization Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and provides a behind-the-scenes look at their League of Legends season and their triumph at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

The episode showcases the dramatic changes that RNG underwent during the offseason, including Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao switching roles to the top lane and the addition of Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei and Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei to the team.

“Make/Break” also gives insight into the team’s journey throughout the regular season after a rocky start in the Demacia Cup. Despite facing mental exhaustion before the Spring Split playoffs, RNG’s resilience led them to win their fourth domestic title.

As the LPL representatives at MSI in Iceland, RNG secured their second-ever MSI trophy and reclaimed the international title for the region. The documentary showcases the team’s performance at the international competition and the overwhelming support they received from fans in China.

Despite a disappointing Summer Split and an early exit from the playoffs, “Make/Break” reveals how the team bounced back and qualified as the LPL’s third seed for the 2021 World Championship. This episode provides a deep dive into the mindset and strength of RNG, one of the oldest and most successful organizations in the LPL.

This long-form team vlog series, which previously covered EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix, will continue to follow other LPL teams throughout the offseason. Each episode premieres live on Twitch and is later uploaded to the official LPL channels after one week.

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