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Introducing “Book of Northern Lights”: A New Slot Game from Hölle Games

A brand new slot game called “Book of Northern Lights” has been launched today by Berlin-based Hölle Games. This game takes players on a thrilling adventure in the icy lands of the far north, where they can witness the mesmerizing lights of the aurora borealis.

In this game, players accompany the character of the Explorer, who knows that the aurora borealis is more than just a reflection of Valkyries’ armor. He sees it as a guide to unimaginable riches. Equipped with an enchanted Compass, players can unlock the Book and enter the Free Spins feature, where they have the chance to win up to 5000x their bet. Along the way, players may encounter dangerous beasts like Polar Bears or helpful spirits like the Snow Fox. The quest is accompanied by a unique musical score, and the slot offers different Return to Player (RTP) variants, including a special Buy Feature.

So, get ready to explore the shimmering skies and embark on a thrilling journey with “Book of Northern Lights”!

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