Celebrating Excellence: SOFTSWISS Values Fest Unites Global Team

SOFTSWISS Values Fest Unites Global Team

SOFTSWISS recently organized the SOFTSWISS Values Fest in Türkiye, bringing together more than 1,500 employees from around the world. With the aim of promoting knowledge sharing and skill development, the festival became a professional conference that focused on the latest trends in the iGaming industry.

The event offered a unique opportunity for employees to engage in face-to-face discussions and exchange experiences and knowledge. Professionals from diverse international backgrounds explored a wide range of topics, including technical advancements, customer service, marketing strategies, and cross-product integrations.

Technical and general education presentations allowed every employee to showcase their expertise and insights. Technical presentations covered topics such as information security, software development, machine learning, and system analysis, while the general conference block focused on soft and hard skills development.

By providing a platform for knowledge exchange, SOFTSWISS showcased its commitment to enhancing the expertise and professionalism of its employees, ultimately contributing to the success of its clients’ businesses.

To ensure a seamless experience, the company organized the event without affecting work responsibilities. A work zone was set up where employees could promptly respond to requests, complete tasks, and communicate with clients while participating in the festival program.

Valentina Bagniya, Chief Marketing Officer at SOFTSWISS, expressed her thoughts on the event, emphasizing the company’s unity through shared professional goals and values. The SOFTSWISS Values Fest allowed employees to showcase their knowledge, share their experiences and expertise, and introduce their colleagues to the internal aspects of their work.

The festival also included team-building activities and workshops to further foster employee talent and creativity.

Next week, the SOFTSWISS Team will be presenting their revolutionary products at SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta, showcasing the innovative offerings within the SOFTSWISS software ecosystem.

SOFTSWISS is an international iGaming company that provides ISO 27001-certified software solutions for managing gambling operations. With a team of 1,500 employees based in Malta, Poland, Georgia, and Belarus, SOFTSWISS offers one-stop-shop iGaming software solutions and a vast product portfolio. Their products include the Online Casino Platform, Game Aggregator, Affilka affiliate platform, Sportsbook Platform, and Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a Bitcoin-optimized online casino solution.

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