Drop rates for premium League of Legends loot items now revealed

League of Legends Players Can Now See Item Drop Rates in the In-Game Store

League of Legends players can now easily view the drop rates for all available loot items in the in-game store. This update allows players to make informed purchase decisions and have a better understanding of their chances of obtaining specific items.

Loot items in League can be acquired by spending Riot Points to open boxes or chests that contain various useful items. While these chests can be earned through gameplay, many players choose to purchase them with Riot Points to quickly unlock their contents. Each chest has different drop rates for specific items, meaning players are not guaranteed to receive the item they want. However, with this new update, players can now see the drop rate for each item directly in the game without needing to look up external sources.

Drop Rates Now Displayed for In-Game Loot Items

League product manager Ken Adams recently shared this update, emphasizing the importance of allowing players to understand the odds of receiving specific items. A new “View Drop Rates” option has been added to all loot items, providing players with information on the chances of obtaining each item in a chest.

For example, here are the drop rates for items in a Hextech Chest:

  • 50%: Random non-ultimate skin shard or ultimate skin permanent
  • 25%: Champion shard worth at least 4,800 Blue Essence
  • 11.5%: Ward skin shard, 640 Orange Essence valued ward skin shard, and 150 Orange Essence
  • 10%: Emote Permanent
  • 3.5%: 150 Orange Essence and a Summoner Icon

The Hextech Chest also has a 10% chance of containing a Hextech Chest and a Hextech Key, a 2.6% chance of containing a Gemstone, and a less than 0.1% chance of containing a mythic skin or mythic ward skin permanent.

With this valuable information, players can now assess their odds of receiving desired items and make more informed decisions about purchasing chests.

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