DreamLeague Season 8 adds a separate qualifier for South America

DreamLeague Updates Tournament Format Less Than 24 Hours Later

DreamLeague, a popular esports tournament, recently had to revise its format after failing to meet Valve’s standards. The mistake was attributed to miscommunication and was promptly addressed by DreamLeague on August 24.

New Updated Format

In the newly explained format, all regions will have their own open qualifiers. The winners from the open qualifiers will then join three invited teams in a closed double-elimination qualifier. This qualifier will determine which team will advance to the LAN finals.

Europe and CIS Shared Qualifier

Despite the update, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will still be competing in the same tournament. The shared qualifier will use DreamLeague’s previously announced format. In this format, eight teams will participate in a round-robin tournament to decide the advancing teams. A total of four teams will move forward, with at least one team from each region. If four teams from the same region make it to the top, the lowest ranking team will not advance, and the slot will be given to the highest ranking team from the other region.

Representation from South America and CIS

Thanks to the updated format, South America and CIS will each have at least one team represented at the LAN finals. The LAN finals are scheduled to take place at DreamHack Winter from December 1 to 4.

In conclusion, DreamLeague quickly addressed the format issue and made necessary changes to ensure a fair competition. The revised format guarantees representation from different regions, adding to the excitement of the tournament.

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