Dota 2’s Latest Ranked Matchmaking Season Begins

The Second Dota 2 Ranked Matchmaking Season is Here!

The latest season of ranked matchmaking in Dota 2 has begun, and all ranking medals have been reset to make way for the recalibration matches.

Players who want to be ranked again will need to play 10 recalibration games, which will determine their new rank based on their performance.

Exciting Changes with the Season Update

Valve has made some interface changes and introduced new features with the season update. One notable change is that players can now track their progress to the next medal level. However, this tracker is only visible to the player and cannot be seen by others visiting their profiles. Additionally, medal levels now range from one to five, compared to the previous season where they started at zero and ended at five before moving on to the next tier.

Another change is that each player’s rank from the previous season will be displayed next to their medal for the current season on their player profile. Valve has not provided information on how the UI will handle medals for future seasons.

Introducing the Immortal Tier

A brand new medal tier called “Immortal” has been added for players who have a high enough matchmaking rating to place on the regional leaderboards. Players in this tier will have their exact position on the leaderboard displayed as a number on their medal, rather than using stars to indicate medal levels.

MMR Calibration Mechanics Update

One significant change in this season is the alteration in the MMR calibration mechanics. Calibration matches will no longer take into account in-game statistics such as kill-death ratio, gold earned, and wards placed. Instead, the system will now only consider wins and losses, the balance of individual player ranks between the teams, and an unspecified “uncertainty value” based on a player’s rank.

Get ready to climb the ranks once more and prove your skills in the new Dota 2 season!

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