Young Talent Surpasses Watson’s Rank in Dota 2: Meet the 16-year-old Prodigy

By Declan Duffy
Young Talent Surpasses Watson's Rank in Dota 2: Meet the 16-year-old Prodigy

Meet Alan “Satanic” Galliamov, the Rising Star of Dota 2

In the gaming world, just like in the movie “Dawn of Justice,” questions of strength and skill often arise. In the competitive game Dota 2, one player has been consistently challenged on his position at the top of the leaderboards: Alimzhan “Watson” Islambekov. However, it was 16-year-old prodigy Alan “Satanic” Galliamov who recently took away that number-one spot.

Alan “Satanic” Galliamov has been making waves in the Dota 2 community over the past two years. His talent first caught the attention of veteran players when he reached the top 50 in the game’s division leaderboards. However, his ascent to the number-one spot took everyone by surprise.

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