Dota 2 Super Major Scheduled to be Hosted by Perfect World in June

The Dota 2 Super Major: The Final Event of the Year

The last event of the year’s Dota 2 Pro Circuit is set to take place in Shanghai, China in three months’ time. Organized by Perfect World, the tournament will feature the highest points total of the year.

Presented by Perfect World and PGL

The Super Major is being organized by Perfect World in collaboration with Romanian production company PGL. PGL is also partnering with Perfect World for the Dota 2 Asia Championships (DAC) happening next week. Both the Super Major and DAC 2018 are official Pro Circuit events.

A Big Opportunity for Teams

The Super Major will offer a boosted prize pool of $1.5 million and 2250 Pro Circuit points. This makes it a crucial event for teams hoping to secure a spot in the top eight of the Pro Circuit rankings. Besides the points, teams will have a chance to earn some serious cash at this event.

Location and Format

The exact venue for the Super Major has not yet been announced, but considering that DAC 2018 will also be held in Shanghai, it is likely that the Super Major will take place in the same city. Possible venues include the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center and the Mercedes-Benz Arena, which previously hosted the Shanghai Major. As for the format, it is expected to follow a group stage followed by a double elimination bracket.

Qualifiers and Schedule

According to Valve’s Pro Circuit rules, the organizers of the Super Major will need to host open and regional qualifiers for the six main Dota 2 territories. However, the schedules for these qualifiers have not yet been disclosed by PGL or Perfect World.

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