Dota 2 professionals effectively deploy new chat wheel options

Valve’s Battle Pass Adds Audio Clips to Dota 2’s Chat Wheel

Last week, Valve released the Battle Pass for the International 2017. In addition to new sets and terrain, this year’s Battle Pass includes audio clips that can be used in Dota 2’s in-game chat wheel. These clips are intended to give players new ways to express enthusiasm for their teammates’ plays, but top players are already using them to talk trash.

The Metagame of Bad Manners

Metagame refers to more than just strategies in esports. It applies to everything from memes to commentating to trash-talking. North American Dota 2 pros have elevated bad manners to an art form, and it has become a tradition in the game. Calls out in all-chat, like Peter “PPD” Dager’s infamous post-First Blood “gl hf,” have become memes themselves.

While bad manners may not always be flattering to esports, they add a sense of anarchic joy to the game. The inclusion of audio clips with the Battle Pass takes the all-chat callout to new heights. Even if you look away, you can’t avoid hearing David “LD” Gorman’s “Waow!” from The International 2 in your headphones.

So far, the line of choice for top Dota 2 players is Toby “TobiWan” Dawn’s iconic “It’s a disastah!” from The International 6. Players like Team VGJ’s Xu “Fy” Linsen and Jacky “EternalEnvY” Mao have used this clip in their matches. The inclusion of audio clips on the chat wheel has not faced opposition from pros, although Valve limits their use to prevent spamming.

Valve’s decision to give players more tools to express themselves has only given them more ways to taunt their opponents on the battlefield.

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