Dota 2 Patch 7.15 Introduces Buffs to Bottle and Alters Captains Mode Ban Order

Dota 2 Patch 7.15 Brings Economy Changes

The latest Dota 2 balance update, Patch 7.15, brings some significant tweaks to the game’s economy mechanics. Here’s what you need to know:

Bounty Runes

Starting with this update, bounty runes will now spawn every five minutes instead of every two minutes. This change will create more competition for river runes, especially in the mid lane. Mid heroes can no longer retreat to their side’s bounty rune for refills if they miss out on the river rune spawns.

Bottle Changes

Bounty runes will now fully refill Bottles, whereas previously they would only fill Bottles up to two charges. Additionally, all bounty runes will now give gold to every player on the team that picks them up. The healing rate of the Bottle has also been increased, making it a more attractive option for mid heroes.

Bounty Adjustments

The base gold bounty value for melee and ranged creeps has been adjusted. Melee creeps now give two gold less to start, while ranged creeps give one less. However, each upgrade period for ranged creeps will now increase their bounty by three gold instead of two.

Other Changes

Various other elements of the game, including melee barracks, tower denies, and the ground courier, have had their bounty values tweaked. Tower denies will no longer give any gold, encouraging teams to fight for tower denies more often.

Captains Mode

In the official game mode used in professional Dota 2 matches (Captains Mode), the turn order for the second ban phase has been rearranged. Previously, the team with the second pick would go first in the second ban phase, but now it’s the other way around. This change aims to balance out the second pick advantage in Captains Mode.

Additionally, each round of banning and picking will now have five seconds longer, totaling at 35 seconds each. The reserve time for each team remains unchanged.

These changes may have an impact on the drafting phase and team strategies, which we may see in action at GESC Thailand, the Pro Circuit Minor currently being held in Bangkok.

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