Dota 2 game coordinator affected by patch, delay in TI8 NA open qualifiers

A Patch in Dota 2 Client Disrupts The International 8 Open Qualifiers

The recent patch in the Dota 2 client has caused some problems in The International 8 open qualifiers. As a result, certain matches have become null and void.

Game Coordinator Out of Commission

One of the issues that arose from the patch is the game coordinator being unavailable. This has caused qualifier games to not count or fail to start.

Game-Breaking Bug with Wildwing Ripper

Furthermore, administrators discovered a game-breaking bug with the Wildwing Ripper neutral creep. As a result, the use of the unit’s Tornado ability has been banned.

Postponement of North American Leg

Open qualifier organizer FACEIT has announced that the North American leg of the tournament will be postponed by one day, to June 15 at 3pm CT. The decision was made due to the issues caused by the patch.

According to FACEIT, their tournament platform is connected to the game coordinator through automated bots. However, the recent patch has disrupted the communication between the game servers and the bots, causing the system to break.

In response to the problems, FACEIT has decided to call off the entire tournament and reschedule it for the next day. This means that all matches in the first round will have to be replayed, putting teams at risk of elimination once again.

The change in schedule for the first NA open qualifier may also impact the second qualifier. It is likely that FACEIT will need to adjust the schedule for the second qualifier as well, although no official announcement has been made at this time.

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