Dota 2 Community Calls for Valve to Ban Overplus and Revitalize the Game

Ex-pros and Creators Call for Ban on Overplus Tool in Dota 2

Today, numerous Dota 2 professionals and renowned content creators are joining the community’s demand for Valve to prohibit the use of the controversial third-party tool, Overplus. This tool has been causing significant disruption in ranked and amateur Dota events.

Loda, Ex-Pro and Alliance CEO, Joins the Cause

The latest individual to express their concern about the Overplus app is former professional player and current Alliance chief executive, Jonathan “Loda” Berg. In a tweet, Loda described the tool as a “serious problem” and called on Valve to intervene and ban its usage on January 29. Loda specifically highlighted the app’s ability to display match data, allowing users to identify a player’s preferred heroes and potentially target them with bans during matches. He expressed suspicion about the high number of bans that seemingly target a player’s most successful heroes, even if those heroes are not currently in the meta.

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