Dota 2 campaign mode release delayed until next week

The Release of Dota 2’s Single Player Campaign Delayed

The highly anticipated single player campaign, Siltbreaker, for Dota 2 has experienced a delay and will now be released next week. This campaign is exclusively available to players who have purchased the International 7 Battle Pass and consists of two parts with an original storyline.

Originally scheduled for the end of May, the first act of Siltbreaker, titled The Sands of Fate, has been postponed. The official Dota 2 Twitter account confirmed this delay on May 29.

A Unique Cooperative Campaign

Once released, Siltbreaker will allow four players to work together in a cooperative gameplay experience. Their mission is to conquer the subterranean enemies of Dark Reef. As players progress through the campaign, they will earn valuable experience points that can be exchanged for exclusive in-game items.

This campaign marks Valve’s first foray into introducing a story-based game mode to Dota 2. Since its release in 2011, Dota 2 has primarily focused on its multiplayer aspect. Siltbreaker is a substantial addition to the Battle Pass, which has previously centered around cosmetic items and in-game challenges.

Exciting New Content for Dota 2 Enthusiasts

Although the delay may disappoint eager players, the International 7 Battle Pass still offers a wealth of new and exciting content to keep fans engaged until next week.

As we await the release of Siltbreaker’s second act, A Vault in the Deep, let’s remain hopeful that it won’t experience any further delays.

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