Does Palworld support cross-save and cross-progression?

Does Palworld have Cross-Save and Cross-Progression?

Palworld, the upcoming indie game developed by Pocketpair, has caught the attention of many gamers worldwide. As excitement builds, players eagerly seek answers to pertinent questions, such as whether Palworld will support cross-save and cross-progression features. Let’s delve into this topic and explore the possibilities.

What is Cross-Save and Cross-Progression?

Before we jump into Palworld, let’s quickly understand what cross-save and cross-progression entail. Cross-save refers to the ability to save game progress on one platform and continue playing on another. This feature empowers gamers to switch between different devices seamlessly. On the other hand, cross-progression grants players the freedom to carry over their in-game achievements, unlocks, and progress across multiple platforms, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

Exploring Cross-Save and Cross-Progression in Palworld

Now the crucial question: does Palworld offer cross-save and cross-progression capabilities? As of now, no official announcements have been made regarding these features. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be present in the game. The developers are yet to disclose additional details regarding the game’s specific functionalities and supported platforms.

With Palworld’s release still on the horizon, it’s possible that cross-save and cross-progression might be included in future updates or added as post-launch features. Many developers understand the importance of these features in today’s gaming landscape, and their potential inclusion in Palworld holds promise.


While cross-save and cross-progression have not been confirmed for Palworld at this stage, fans can remain hopeful. As Pocketpair continues to refine and unveil more about the game, keep an eye out for any announcements regarding these sought-after features. The potential integration of cross-save and cross-progression would undoubtedly enhance the overall gameplay experience, enabling players to enjoy Palworld seamlessly across various platforms.

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