Divine Rapiers disassembly is no longer possible in Dota 2.

In a recent update of Dota 2, players discovered that the Divine Rapier, one of the game’s strongest items, could be disassembled. This was unexpected, as the item is not supposed to be disassembled.

The Divine Rapier is a late-game item that costs 6,200 gold and gives the wielder a significant 330 raw damage increase. Once the item is purchased, players are unable to drop it unless they die.

After the issue was reported as a bug on Reddit, Valve released a patch on March 8 to fix the disassembly problem.

The Divine Rapier is a well-known item in the Dota 2 community. Despite its high price, many professional players use it in critical situations to boost their damage output. However, if a player dies, the Rapier drops on the ground and can be picked up by any hero on the map, including both teammates and enemies. This makes the Divine Rapier a risky item to purchase.

For a brief period, players were able to exploit the in-game backpack feature, which provides extra item slots, to carry a Rapier in their backpack. They could separate the required components between their main inventory and the backpack, allowing them to quickly assemble and disassemble the powerful item without the risk of losing it.

With the patch, players can no longer exploit this mechanic and pub players can rejoice knowing that their bases are safe from sneaky plays.

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