Dignitas moves closer to LCS playoff berth with victory against Evil Geniuses

Dignitas Continues to Impress in LCS Standings

In the latest match of the Spring Split, Dignitas secured a victory and solidified their hold on second place in the LCS standings. Their performance showcased the talent of American-born players, highlighting the quality of domestic talent in the League of Legends region.

An Opportunity for Redemption

For players like Dardoch and Aaron “FakeGod” Lee who have faced criticism in the LCS, joining Dignitas has provided them with a chance to redeem themselves. The underdog mentality of the region has pushed these players to prove their worth and carve out a path to success.

A Boost for North American Talent

The year 2021 has created more opportunities than ever for young North American talent to develop at the highest level. Toàn “Neo” Trần showcased his skills on Kalista, further emphasizing the importance of investing in domestic players.

Dignitas Makes a Statement

Dignitas’ victory was not without its challenges. Despite a questionable draft and being down in gold throughout the game, they exhibited strong coordination in objectives and teamfights. This late-game prowess has been a defining quality for Dignitas throughout the split. Their win over Evil Geniuses showcased their ability to overcome talented opponents.

Securing the Infernal Soul and Elder Drake were pivotal in sealing the victory, as well as being the first team to defeat Evil Geniuses when top laner Impact played Renekton.

Dignitas is now the second team in the LCS to reach 10 wins. With only two games separating them from sixth-place Evil Geniuses, a playoff spot is within reach if Immortals loses to FlyQuest on Sunday night.

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