Dendi and Mushi falter as revamped team falls short in DreamLeague Major qualifiers

Tigers Adds Mushi and Dendi to Team

Tigers, a prominent team in the Dota scene, recently made waves by adding Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung and borrowing Danil “Dendi” Ishutin from Natus Vincere. The arrival of these two legends created high expectations for the team’s performance.

Disappointing Defeat Against WarriorsGaming Unity

Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed when Tigers faced off against WarriorsGaming Unity in the round of 32 during the DreamLeague Major qualifiers.

Difficulties for Tigers During the Match

Initially, Tigers showed strength in the early stages of the match. However, as the game progressed and became more complex, Tigers seemed lost. They struggled with decision making and missed defensive opportunities that other teams would have capitalized on.

Downfall of Tigers in the Best-of-One Game

Ultimately, Tigers lost the best-of-one game to Warriors with a 37-11 K/D ratio. They struggled to find their rhythm or synergy as a team. This poor performance could be attributed to various factors, including lack of practice time and communication errors.

The Road Ahead for the Tigers

If Tigers wants to secure a spot in the DreamLeague Major without going through the StarLadder Season 6 Minor, they must address their issues before participating in the second set of open qualifiers for their region, which will happen on a to-be-determined date.

Pressure on Tigers to Perform

It’s important for Tigers to improve quickly, as Dendi is only on loan from NaVi. If the team fails to show improvement, Dendi may be recalled. This puts extra pressure on the squad to perform well in upcoming events.

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