Delasport and Beyondplay Collaborate to Enhance Player Engagement and Growth

Delasport Partners with BeyondPlay to Enhance Player Experience

Leading iGaming supplier Delasport has teamed up with multiplayer and jackpot engagement software developer BeyondPlay to enhance the player experience for Delasport’s licensees. The partnership will introduce a Cross-Casino-Provider Jackpot system, powered by BeyondPlay, which adds an overarching jackpot element to casino games.

Enhancing Player Engagement and Retention

This collaboration allows Delasport’s licensees to create various types of jackpots to increase player engagement and retention. The main configurations offered are “Progressive,” “Community,” “Time-Based,” “Event-Based,” and “Amount-Based.” The jackpot feature can be applied to any casino game, including Live casino games.

Continuing the Strategy of Revolutionizing Player Experience

This new addition aligns with Delasport’s overall strategy of revolutionizing player engagement and retention in iGaming. It follows the introduction of Player Engagement tools and Delasport’s proprietary ‘My Era’ suite, which has significantly increased player retention. Delasport is taking the jackpot experience to new heights, allowing it to be offered on any RNG or Live Casino game with real-time jackpot data and interactive win animations.

Achieving the Goal of Superior Betting Experience

Delasport CEO Oren Cohen Shwartz expressed the company’s dedication to providing partners with the means to elevate the players’ betting experience. The collaboration with BeyondPlay allows Delasport’s partners to offer a cross-provider jackpot on any casino game. Players can enjoy their favorite games with the added opportunity to hit the jackpot. Partners can choose between network and local jackpot pools, ensuring that the winner will always be one of their players.

Delasport’s Head of Casino, Ralitsa Zareva, is excited about the partnership and its impact on player engagement and retention. BeyondPlay’s COO, Jacqui Gatt, believes the collaboration will provide a competitive edge in the market and deliver a world-class gaming experience.

About Delasport

Delasport is a leading iGaming software supplier that provides a comprehensive solution for sports betting, online casino, and player account management. Their platform focuses on personalization, unique betting options, strong retention capabilities, and cutting-edge technology.

About BeyondPlay

BeyondPlay is an innovative startup that aims to redefine the playing experience in real-money gaming. They offer highly customizable jackpots and multiplayer experiences, combining traditional gaming with the needs of next-generation players.

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