December Prime Gaming Capsule for League of Legends now available

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Claim Your Prime Gaming Loot for League of Legends in December

Start your December off right by claiming your Prime Gaming loot for League of Legends. Riot Games has partnered with Prime Gaming to provide monthly drops for all of their games, and the December loot is now live for fans.

As part of this collaboration, players can receive a variety of gifts, and this month’s loot includes:

  • 650 RP
  • Unowned 1350 RP skin permanent
  • 200 Orange Essence
  • Champion Shards
  • Series 1 Eternals Shards
  • 30-Day XP Boost

To claim these benefits, you will need both a Riot Games account and a Prime Gaming membership. Make sure to link these accounts to easily redeem the rewards in-game.

If you haven’t linked your Riot Games and Prime Gaming accounts yet, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit Prime Gaming’s website
  2. Click on “Claim” for this month’s loot
  3. Log into your Riot Games account when prompted

Once you complete the linking process, your loot will be available in-game shortly. However, if you’re new to League of Legends, you’ll need to complete the tutorial first.

If your Riot Games and Prime Gaming accounts are already linked, simply visit the Prime Gaming website and claim the newly available loot.

Remember, this collaboration between Riot Games and Prime Gaming will continue in the coming months, so make sure to claim your December rewards and start the new year with even more exciting loot in January. Don’t forget to also check out the Arcane loot available with your Prime Gaming membership.

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