CSGOSquad Obtained by GAMURS

GAMURS Acquires CSGOSquad: A Live Game Statistics Database

GAMURS is excited to announce its acquisition of CSGOSquad, a competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking database with live game statistics.

With over 100,000 monthly users, CSGOSquad offers a range of functions including live game searches, competitive rank and demo analysis. By entering a Steam profile URL, vanity username, or SteamID, users can view live match information for anyone playing a competitive game, including themselves.

In addition to live game searches, the CSGOSquad database allows users to view a player’s rank, level, wins, and other Counter-Strike statistics. By simply entering a CS:GO share code, CSGOSquad can provide detailed data about matches within seconds.

Tony, the founder of CSGOSquad, is thrilled about the acquisition. “When Riad and I discussed bringing CSGOSquad under the GAMURS umbrella, we both saw the same vision that we could achieve together, so the decision was an easy one to make,” Tony said. “I am happy to see CSGOSquad join the GAMURS brand and look forward to what comes of it in the near future.”

CSGOSquad is now part of the GAMURS family, joining other acquired CS:GO websites such as csgo-stats.com, GamerConfigs, and CSGOTeamFinder.com. This makes GAMURS the go-to destination for Counter-Strike statistics.

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