CS2’s New FPS Bug Poses Significant Threat to Game Integrity

A Counter-Strike 2 Pro Discovers Game’s FPS Bug

A professional player in Counter-Strike 2 has uncovered a significant bug involving the game’s FPS counter. This bug occurs when teams rush together through maps, resulting in a noticeable drop in frames. Opponents can take advantage of this drop, essentially gaining a soft “wallhack” ability.

HenkkyG Exposes the FPS Bug

Ľuboš “HenkkyG” Ilko, a member of the Czech team eSuba, demonstrated the FPS bug in a video posted on X (previously known as Twitter) on Feb. 4. The video takes place on the map Ancient, where HenkkyG focuses on a wall while the terrorist squad rushes through the spawn tunnel towards the B bombsite on the other side of the map. Although HenkkyG doesn’t see anything on his screen, his FPS counter experiences significant fluctuations as the terrorists move through the water and approach B.

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