Crumbz declares he’s leaving the LCS talent desk, exploring new possibilities ahead

Long-time LCS Caster and Analyst Crumbz Stepping Away from League of Legends

Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo, a former LCS player, caster, and analyst, recently announced that he will not be involved in the LCS in 2022. Known for his dedication to growing North American talent, Crumbz will now contribute to the community as a viewer as the 2022 Spring Split approaches.

Crumbz’s Departure from LCS

Last night, Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo, a former LCS player, caster, and analyst, expressed that he will no longer be involved with the LCS. After a decade of being a part of the League of Legends community, Crumbz feels it is time to explore new opportunities. While he considers his options, Crumbz remains open for collaborations or inquiries through his DMs or email.

A Dedicated Voice in the Game

Throughout his career, Crumbz has made significant contributions to the LCS as a color caster alongside Julian “Pastrytime” Carr during the Summer Split of 2021. He fearlessly analyzed teams’ strengths and weaknesses, not holding back from providing insightful commentary. Crumbz’s experience as a former professional player for teams like Team Dignitas and Renegades, playing alongside renowned players such as CoreJJ and Shiphtur, offers a unique perspective in his analysis.

This post-player career has solidified Crumbz as a prominent figure in the League of Legends community. He also briefly served as a caster for the Overwatch League, further showcasing his versatility and expertise.

A Loss for the North American Scene

Crumbz’s departure from the LCS leaves a void in the North American esports scene. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience both as a player and as a commentator. While he contemplates new ventures beyond League of Legends, Crumbz’s contributions will be missed.

The 2022 LCS Spring Split is scheduled to begin on January 14.

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