Complete Guide to All Fishing Spots in Ruined King

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a turn-based RPG game set in the lawless port city of Bilgewater. In this game, players take on the role of champions from the popular game, League of Legends, and embark on a perilous journey to defeat the Ruined King Viego. Along the way, players can enjoy a fishing minigame and catch over 30 different species of fish.

In order to catch fish and valuable items, players can visit fishing locations in both Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles. By using different rods and bait, players can increase their chances of finding rare fish and treasures. Additionally, players can earn Black Marks in exchange for the creatures they catch.

All Fishing Locations at Sea

There are four fishing locations at sea, which can be accessed by unlocking Captain Fortune’s boat, the Charming Lady. One of these locations is the Calm Waters, which is relatively easy for players to fish in. Another spot, Angler’s Envy, is a perfect option for players who want to fish without spending too much on fishing gear. There are also two fishing spots near the Shadow Isles, Spectral Shores and the Kraken’s Maw, where players will encounter challenging fish.

All Fishing Locations in Bilgewater

If players prefer fishing in the harbor city of Bilgewater, they can choose from five different fishing locations. The Docs Harbor district offers a fishing spot accessible from the beginning of the game. The Buhru Grotto district also has a fishing hole, and players can find fishing gear near the spot. The Grey Harbor district, which was destroyed by the Harrowing, provides players with a chance to fish and avoid heavy fighting. Players can also fish in the Buhru Temple in the same district and enjoy the sacred water of the Mother Serpent.

All Fishing Locations in the Shadow Isles

In the Shadow Isles, players can find four fishing spots. The Gardens of the Coastal Academy is the first haunted place players will encounter, and it offers a fishing spot. The Shadow Vaults, once home to blessed waters, also has two fishing spots where players can find rare species of fish. The Vault of the Vesani, the last fishing spot in the Shadow Isles, is a place where players can find magical objects and unlock it by following the main story.

Other Fishing Locations

There are two more fishing locations in Ruined King. The Purification Temple, surrounded by deadly monsters, has a fishing hole in the “Moon side” of the temple. Braum’s Shipwreck at sea is another location that players can access only once, and it is visible on the map after retrieving Braum’s Freljordian shield.

Enjoy the fishing minigame in Ruined King and catch a variety of fish and valuable items!

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