Cloud9 Releases Mithy, Reignover, and Westrice Prior to the 2022 LCS Season

New Coaching Staff for Cloud9’s League of Legends Team

Cloud9’s League of Legends team has entered a new era with changes to its coaching staff. The organization has bid farewell to several members of its coaching staff, including former pro players Mithy, Reignover, and Westrice. These individuals now have the opportunity to join new teams and guide them in the 2022 competitive cycle.

Departure of Mithy, Reignover, and Westrice

Mithy, who joined C9 as a strategic coach in late 2020, became the head coach five months later. Under his guidance, the team achieved victory in the LCS Mid-Season Showdown championship and performed admirably in the Group of Death at the 2021 World Championship.

Reignover, on the other hand, filled various roles within C9 over the course of two years. He began as an LCS positional coach and later became the head coach for C9’s Academy team. In October 2020, Reignover took on the position of head coach for C9’s main roster, a role he held until Mithy replaced him for the 2021 Summer Split.

Westrice, the longest-tenured coach among the three, joined C9 in 2018. While primarily serving as the head coach for C9’s Academy team, he also spent a year as an assistant coach for the main squad.

Building a New Dynasty

Although the roster of Cloud9’s League of Legends team has undergone significant changes, expectations remain high. The incoming talent has the potential to create a championship-winning dynasty. The success of this new squad will heavily rely on the coaching staff that Cloud9 selects to guide them.

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