Cloud9 achieves an incredible 2-0 triumph, moving closer to playoff contention

After today, there are only three more weeks of play left in the NA LCS for teams to qualify for the playoffs. For the past few weeks, Cloud9 have been in last place with bad game after bad game, along with confusing roster changes.

This weekend, however, they went undefeated with two wins and no losses. Meanwhile, TSM and CLG both went 0-2, so C9 are now tied with them for fifth place. It’s a big deal to make up a four-game deficit, especially with such a struggling C9 roster. It’s almost like a miracle. But now that they’re tied for fifth, their chances of making playoffs have gone from slim to possible.

To make it into the playoffs, though, they might have to kick out CLG or TSM. If any of these three teams don’t make it, it’ll be a huge upset.

In their final game of the day against Echo Fox and former teammate Andy “Smoothie” Ta, the early game started out just as poorly as most of C9’s games this split. Echo Fox’s bot lane got several early-game kills and Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett’s Rengar got a big lead by mid game.

After a misstep toward the late game that allowed C9’s mid laner Nicolaj Jensen to use a massive Orianna ultimate on Smoothie and Lawrence “Lost” Hui, C9 picked up a quick Baron and closed the gold gap. Eventually, they caught up, took down a couple of towers, and erased Echo Fox’s lead.

If C9 can continue their amazing run, they’ll have a chance to make playoffs and maybe even Worlds.

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