CLG lets a significant advantage slip and loses to 100 Thieves

100 Thieves are poised to make a comeback in the NA LCS as they maintain their first-place standing after yet another undefeated weekend. However, if Echo Fox wins their upcoming match, they will tie with 100 Thieves. CLG did not have a good day as they had to suffer a defeat, once again highlighting their weaknesses in the mid game and lack of proactivity when they are in the lead.

CLG initially gained a significant advantage early in the game with aggressive plays around the bot lane. However, they were only able to slightly increase their lead by 1,500 gold over the next 15 minutes, failing to fully capitalize on their advantage. When the big team fights ensued, CLG’s lackluster lead became evident and 100 Thieves, despite being behind, managed to overpower them with their late-game expertise. The focus shifted from Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, who faced his old team at the beginning, to Cody Sun.

Despite being behind CLG’s bot lane, Cody Sun still had a larger impact in the game’s pivotal fights. 100 Thieves’ first game next week will be against Team Liquid on Saturday at 4pm CT.

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