CDL Professionals Experiment with New MW3 Season 2 Guns, But Can’t Use Them in Ranked Play

MW3 Ranked Play Players Unable to Test Season Two’s BP50 AR and RAM-9 SMG

The recent release of season two’s BP50 AR and RAM-9 SMG in the Call of Duty League has grabbed the attention of esports professionals. However, players in MW3 Ranked Play are not given the opportunity to try out these weapons.

Consistency in Weapon Choices for CDL Pros

CDL pros tend to stick with the same weapons throughout an entire season. For example, in CoD: Modern Warfare 2, the TAQ 56 was the preferred AR, while the Vazenv-9K was the go-to SMG. Although the M4 and ISO Hemlock ARs showed promise, they were ultimately banned, resulting in a two-gun meta for the entirety of the season.

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