Warzone players discover Sleight of Hand perk’s true effectiveness

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Sleight of Hand: Is it Overrated in Warzone?

Sleight of Hand has long been considered one of the best perks in Warzone, but recent insights from CoD content creator JGOD suggest that it might be overrated. JGOD conducted tests on the most popular weapons in Warzone to determine the impact of Sleight of Hand on reload speed. While the perk does improve reload times, its effectiveness varies depending on the weapon being used.

According to JGOD’s findings, Sleight of Hand can improve reload speeds on weapons like the HRM, RAM-9, MTZ 556, and Holger 26 by 35 percent or even higher. The perk can also be useful for players using the TAQ Evolvere, SVA 545, and Bruen 9K 60 Round Mag. However, not all meta Warzone weapons benefit significantly from Sleight of Hand.

On the other hand, Sleight of Hand has minimal impact on weapons like the WSP-9, BP50, SOA Subverter, and RAM-7. In these cases, it’s not worth sacrificing a slot for the perk. Instead, JGOD suggests pairing Double Time with Mountaineer, a combination that reduces fall damage. Through testing, JGOD discovered that with Mountaineer equipped, players can survive falls from up to 27 meters or closer without dying.

It’s also worth noting that Raven Software indirectly nerfed Sleight of Hand with the release of the new battle royale installment. In previous iterations of Warzone, Sleight of Hand improved both reload times and weapon swap speed. However, in MW3’s Warzone iteration, faster weapon swap speed is now a default feature. Losing this additional benefit, along with varying effectiveness percentages, diminishes Sleight of Hand’s appeal.

While there are still situations where Sleight of Hand can be useful, players should be more mindful of their weapon choices. Slower weapons like LMGs and most ARs tend to benefit more from improved reload times. The HRM stands out as an exception among SMGs that benefit from Sleight of Hand, but most close-range meta weapons already have impressive reload times, so the perk may not provide significant advantages in those cases.

In conclusion, Sleight of Hand may not be as essential as it seems in Warzone. Understanding the specific benefits for each weapon can help players optimize their loadouts and make more informed choices. Consider experimenting with different perks to find the best combination for your preferred playstyle and weapon preferences.

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