C9 Zven reflects on the 2020 LCS Spring Split: “I believe this was one of the worst splits in North America”

Zven Leads Cloud9 to Dominate LCS Spring Split

Last November, Cloud9 AD carry Zven replaced long-standing player Sneaky in the bot lane after the team’s disappointing ninth-place finish at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship.

Zven, who previously played for TSM, faced criticism from fans who were losing an icon in Sneaky. Additionally, Zven hadn’t made it to Worlds or won any trophies while on TSM.

However, Zven didn’t let these setbacks affect him. Since joining Cloud9, he has become the best ADC in the LCS and finished the 2020 Spring Split with a dominant 17-1 record.

The Spring Split in North America was one of the worst in terms of performance and level of play in recent years, according to Zven. Many top teams struggled, while Cloud9 took full advantage and secured victories.

One factor that contributed to Cloud9’s success was their effective drafting strategy. Other teams failed to adjust their compositions to counter Cloud9’s playstyle, which gave Cloud9 an advantage.

Zven’s mentality also sets him apart from other ADCs in the region. He believes he works harder and tries harder than many others, which gives him an edge.

Although TSM and Team Liquid faced their own struggles, Zven still considers Doublelift from TSM as his biggest competition in the bot lane.

Behind the scenes, discipline issues affected some of the top teams in North America. Late practices and improper bootcamping led to poor performances in the Spring Split.

Overall, the Spring Split revealed some flaws in the LCS system. North American solo queue lacks quality and talent, which hinders the improvement of players and ultimately affects the overall quality of the LCS.

Despite these challenges, Zven has taken advantage of the situation and has been grinding solo queue to improve his skills. His dominating performance during the Spring Split proves that Cloud9 is ready to compete at an international level.

As the Summer Split approaches, Zven is prepared to lead the bot lane and maintain Cloud9’s dominance.

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