Blaber gains recognition in Cloud9’s triumph against TSM

Cloud9 Delivers Win Against TSM After Roster Change

Cloud9 faced criticism from fans for their recent decision to release support player Andy “Smoothie” Ta. In order to regain trust, Cloud9 knew they had to secure a win against TSM.

Surprisingly, rookie jungler Robert “Blaber” Huang led Cloud9 to victory. Blaber had control over the early game, dominating the dragon pit and executing successful ganks. His impressive performance continued during teamfights, where he used Lamb’s Respite effectively to counter TSM’s engagements.

Despite a slight gold deficit in the mid game, Cloud9 turned the tide with a successful fight at Baron. Their kills and the Baron buff propelled them to victory. Cloud9’s tankiness, with Licorice’s Dr. Mundo and Blaber’s Kindred, proved too strong for TSM to handle.

Cloud9 will now prepare for their upcoming match against Echo Fox on July 29.

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