Big Bola Casinos Adds Over a Hundred Machines of Zitro’s Successful Fu Frog and Fu Pots to its Offerings

Big Bola Casinos Introduces New Titles from Zitro

Big Bola Casinos has exciting news for its customers. They have just added over a hundred machines featuring two new titles from Zitro: Fu Frog and Fu Pots. These games are presented on the popular Illusion Glare and Allure Glare cabinets.

Thrilling Gameplay with Fu Frog and Fu Pots

Both Fu Frog and Fu Pots offer innovative gameplay mechanics that promise unmatched entertainment. Fu Frog features three charming frogs that take players on a thrilling adventure. Fu Pots focuses on three mysterious pots that are essential for accessing bonus links. When these frogs and pots are full, players can activate three exciting features, including multiplying winnings, doubling prizes, and granting extra lives. These titles also include the MEGA feature and introduce a GRAND MEGA jackpot, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

Confident in the Potential of Fu Frog and Fu Pots

Rafael Blanco, Commercial Director of Big Bola, is confident in the potential of Fu Frog and Fu Pots. He believes that these games will be central to their casino entertainment offerings and is eager to see how they capture customers’ interest and evoke lasting emotions.

Zitro’s founder, Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, expresses gratitude to Big Bola Casinos for choosing their games. He affirms that the unique features of Fu Frog and Fu Pots offer players the chance to win amazing prizes, solidifying these games as must-haves on the Illusion Glare and Allure Glare cabinets.

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