Apex Legends’ Season 20 Introduces Game-Changing Mid-Match upgrades in its “Biggest Transformation Yet”

Apex Legends Season 20 Introduces Legend Upgrade System

Apex Legends Season 20, known as Breakout, brings exciting changes to the game. The biggest evolution since launch is the introduction of the legend upgrade system. This system, set to release on Feb. 13, allows players to upgrade their legends mid-match, redefining the game in the process.

Level Up Your Evo Shield and Unlock Unique Abilities

In Season 20, the Evo shield is no longer a lootable item. It has now become a permanent part of your loadout right from the start of a match. As you level up your shield, not only will its strength improve, but you will also unlock the ability to choose from two unique augmentations specific to your legend.

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