Analyzing the Probability of an All-LCS Worlds Final

All-LCS Semifinals Dream Becomes a Reality at League of Legends World Championship

Last weekend at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, three LCS teams made it to the semifinals, bringing the possibility of an all-LCS finals closer to reality. G2 Esports and Fnatic from the EU LCS, along with Cloud9 from the NA LCS, are set to face off against Invictus Gaming, the LPL’s second seed team, to determine who will advance to the finals. This may seem like a dream come true for fans, especially those who are unfamiliar with recent developments in the League esports scene.

However, the road to the finals won’t be easy. Invictus Gaming is a formidable opponent that should not be underestimated. Despite being overshadowed by the hype surrounding the all-LCS narrative, Invictus Gaming has proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, particularly for G2 Esports. Throughout the Summer Split, Invictus Gaming dominated the LPL with an 18-1 record, showcasing their exceptional skills and abilities. They defeated strong teams like KT Rolster, who were widely considered the best team in the world before the end of the split.

The Invictus Problem

Despite Invictus Gaming’s impressive performance, many have overlooked their capabilities. This is mainly due to the focus on the all-LCS finals narrative. However, it’s crucial to recognize that Invictus Gaming has earned their spot in the semifinals through their outstanding gameplay. While G2 Esports played exceptionally well against RNG, it’s important to acknowledge that RNG also underperformed during the series. This doesn’t take away from G2’s performance, but it does highlight the need for G2 to step up their game even more against Invictus Gaming.

Was it Earned or was it Luck?

When analyzing the matchup between G2 Esports and Invictus Gaming, it’s essential to consider whether G2’s victory over RNG was due to skill or luck. The truth lies somewhere in between. G2 displayed great teamwork and individual performances, but RNG’s underperformance also played a part in the outcome. Nonetheless, from what we saw last weekend, it seemed that Invictus Gaming had to work harder to secure their victory. This means that G2 will need to step up their performance even further to prove that they can match Invictus Gaming.

As we await the upcoming matches, it’s important to remember that making predictions for this year’s Worlds has been exceptionally difficult. Every favorite we picked so far has been knocked out, showing that anything can happen in the world of competitive League of Legends. All we can do is wait and see how the semifinals unfold.

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