Amumu Resurfaces in MVP’s Defeat against Gen.G

MVP Jungler Yondu Picks Amumu Despite Weak Record

In the final week of the Summer Split’s regular season, MVP jungler Kim “Yondu” Kyu-seok once again chose to play Amumu against Gen.G

Amumu has become synonymous with Yondu and is a champion that he loves to play. However, Amumu is considered weak in the current meta and is rarely picked by professional players. Yondu, on the other hand, has made it a tradition to play Amumu at least once a year since his debut in 2016, even though he usually ends up losing. Today’s match was no exception.

Yondu started the game well, finding an early lead with successful ganks in the lanes, taking advantage of Gen.G jungler Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong’s passiveness.

However, Yondu couldn’t carry the game as his solo lanes were losing heavily. Despite attempting to engage with Amumu’s bandage toss and aiming for multi-man stuns with his ultimate, Gen.G was well-prepared and easily countered Yondu’s attempts. With items like stopwatch and cleanse, Gen.G’s players quickly eliminated Yondu’s Amumu, making the pick useless.

Yondu holds a record of 1-3 with Amumu, being the only player in the five major regions to pick the sad mummy in the last three years. Despite the negative record, Yondu is unlikely to give up on Amumu. We may see Yondu continue this tradition next year and try to make Amumu work in the LCK.

MVP and Yondu will wrap up their LCK 2018 Summer Split on August 9th in the final match of the regular season against KT Rolster.

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