AlphaDraft and Vulcun: Unveiling Daily Fantasy LCS Bonuses & Rake

If you’re a daily fantasy sports player who breaks even, the rake and bonuses offered can greatly impact your profitability. This applies to daily fantasy LCS just like any other fantasy sports. Saving even a small percentage per entry makes a big difference, especially when you consider how profits can compound over time.

Bonuses and rake are not the only factors that affect profitability on each site. Factors like the level of competition, formats that favor skillful players, and opportunities for overlay also play a role. So it’s important to consider all these factors when determining your likelihood of making money on each site.

When it comes to bonuses and rake, AlphaDraft is the simpler site. They offer a 100% matching bonus up to $25 when you make your first deposit. This means if you deposit $25 or more, they will give you an additional $25 that you can immediately use to enter contests. This is a better deal compared to other sites where you can only use a small portion of your bonus for each contest. AlphaDraft also has a consistent rake of 10% for all contests.

Calculating rake correctly is important, especially on Vulcun where the rake varies widely. Many contests on Vulcun have a rake of 15% or higher, making it difficult to be profitable unless you win a high percentage of the time. However, Vulcun offers higher buy-in contests with lower rake or no rake at all. This encourages players with a decent bankroll to play in these contests.

As for Vulcun’s bonuses, details are unclear. They offer a matching bonus for new users, but the amount and limits are not specified. They may also offer limited-time bonuses for existing users. The rate at which pending bonuses are released may vary depending on the contests you enter, but it is faster compared to most daily fantasy sports sites.

Please note that the information in this article is accurate as of February 23rd and may change over time.

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